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Natural Lifestyle Specialists

Over 20 years of developing a natural lifestyle system

We have the power to heal, maintain and improve the human body!

Our Philosopy

About Phoenix Carbon

“By following the laws of nature, we have the power to heal, maintain and improve the human body” – Phoenix Carbon, Founder of Carbon Force.

Carbon Force is a family heirloom.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed a range of natural lifestyle systems that integrates multiple art forms, athletics, human movement and natural foods to promote overall health.

Phoenix, the founder of Carbon Force adopted a natural lifestyle 12 years ago, acquiring an in-depth knowledge of nutrition and fitness.

At a young age, he took his first steps in physical movement by learning martial arts followed by athletics. He then went on to progress to a professional level in athletics and has represented the United Kingdom.

By studying and practising martial arts from many different masters and practitioners, he is continually bettering himself and goes through grading processes which elevate him to new levels of understanding.

Our Mission

How we Deliver Results

Our mission is to help individuals around the world to incorporate healthy practices into their daily lives so that they can experience optimal health, fitness and longevity.

The human body has been designed to move and heal. We are capable of much more than we initially anticipate. However, in today’s world, we live relatively sedentary lives and are easily tempted by the conveniences of modern living.

This results in many people navigating through life without realising or unlocking their full potential.

It’s our mission to help people to lead a lifestyle that continually conditions and nourishes their bodies and minds.

We embrace diversity and celebrate the fact that everybody is different. Therefore, we create bespoke programmes for all our trainees which are tailored to their current fitness level, lifestyles and other requirements.

Monitoring and tracking the progress of our trainees is a vital element of the programme. Prior to commencing, we set goals and objectives to ensure the success of all our trainees.

What you can Expect

A transformative experience. We will guide you on your journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

We adopt a holistic approach that is designed to help you to achieve overall health.

The areas we cover include (but is not limited to):

Your programme will be tailored to your

For example, along with covering the core
components, we may add activities to your
programme to focus on specific areas such as:

  • Breathing techniques.
  • Posture improvement.
  • Water skills.
  • Mixed martial arts and more.

What we Expect from you

“You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink”. We will equip you with the tools, techniques and practices to transform your lifestyle and enhance your life and vitality.

However, in order to experience optimal results, it is important that you commit to the programme and consistently give your all.

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